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Foundation - Excavation

foundation-excavationExcavation Carroll has been in operation for more than 50 years. Our staff is well versed and has a long and proven experience in the field of building’ foundations. Are you currently planning the construction of a house, a garage or an extension to your dwelling?

We’re here to assist you!



We invite you to contact us for any excavation project such as:

●Your foundation (foundation, pile driving, crack repair, membrane)
●Your water and sewer installation
●A new surface well
●New irrigation around your house with French drain
Tree stump removal for a new road or parking lot


We have the expertise!

We are equipped for both big and small projects. We have the equipment and the staff to fill all your needs.

For a big or small excavation project, contact Excavation Carroll!

excavation-rawdonAre you preparing to build or renovate your house or garage? We’re your ally! We will prepare your land, dig your foundation, refilll the ditch around the foundation after its pouring and curing. We can also organize the lifting of the building if you’re redoing the foundation.

Excavation Carroll also coordinates the sample taken for your soil’ test while planning the excavation for your septic tank or septic bed.

At the same time, we plan the layout of the accesses to your house, your shed or your parking area. We foresee the need for tree stumps removal and materials transportation necessary for laying down the asphalt or interlocking blocks of the driveway.

We are your precious allies for good planning and carrying out any of your home projects.



Contact Excavation Carroll!


Excavation Carroll

Excavation contractor – Stone crushing – Transportation – Foundation – Septic tank

Founded in 1960, the Rawdon’ family business Excavation Carroll has developed a wide expertise in excavation, as the name indicates. This expertise, combined with a passion for customer service, explains the longevity of the company. The Carroll family excavation business is now run by the third generation of Carrolls.

Trust our expertise and professionalism for your excavation, foundation, septic tank, landscaping and soil testing. Use our transportation services for your materials such as gravel, soil and sand. Excavation Carroll also offers mobile stone crushing services, heavy machinery rental, civil engineering and commercial and municipal snow removal.

We are earth people of the land who know well the needs that you may encounter.

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